It is here

By ‘it’ i’m referring to my son. Yep, had a boy. Look out world there’s another me out there.

So I guess I should at least, at the bare minimum, post a picture of the little guy.
baby and baby momma

Everything has really been on the easy side. It is very repetitive currently: feed, change, sleep, change, sleep, change, feed, change, sleep, change… you get the idea. That is his schedule and between 2 and 5 hour intervals.

As he is about a month old know, he getting to be a little more vocal. By vocal I mean that he is just making cooing sounds(noises that are not related to feeding, gas, or dirty diapers). We, the wife and I, much prefer this to the “I’m hungry! Where is my titty!” or “I pissed and shit myself again! Time for you bitches to clean me up!” crying that the little guy engages in often and without warning. I do tell him during diaper changes that as soon as he learns to stand up and piss, we can stop this diaper business and get on with things. Currently he isn’t listening.

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One Response to It is here

  1. Kevin Porter says:

    I miss not having to buy diapers let alone change them. But it is all part of the fun that is parenthood. The best part of watching them grow up is that one night out of the blue they don’t wake up and call for you with a scream of I’m hungry or dirty tears. That night will be best sleep you’ve ever had…..EVER!!! I can’t wait to see more. Post loads because they grow up so fast at this point that everyday he is a little bit different then he was the day before. Plus he’s kind of cute (thank god for Syd’s looks winning that in the gene war) so more pics are not a bad thing.