Almost here

Well I’m in-between two weeks from being a father. Really excited about it. “Ready?” is the question that people seem to ask. I’m not ready. I have no expectations, and thus I have nothing to be ready for. Sure I have diapers, crib, and wipes etc.

But READY? hahaha I don’t even know how the little person is going to act, what direction its thoughts will be; how it will rationalize their existence or how that rationalization will work in our society. So I don’t know what I’m supposed to be ready for?

The room is mostly painted. There are some trees that need to be painted on the walls and some critters. I’m Just happy the room isn’t just blue or pink. I don’t think that we should have painted the room blue or pink if we knew what sex the child is. The sun has been installed; just need to hang the moon.

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6 Responses to Almost here

  1. curvature says:

    You know, I remember you interacting with a certain baby about 13 years ago, and everything was just fine, so don’t freak. You’ll be great.
    Also, we’re having one and it’s due in August. Not finding out the sex – we’re painting the room sky blue and doing sheep as the theme, so there will be sheep on the walls.

    • Mouse says:

      So far I have been good. I’m stable as I can be while still trying to get life moving in the flow of the little one. I guess I need to do an updated post.

      Sounds like you all are doing really well. Congrats on the conception. It was fun not knowing the sex until birth.

  2. Rachel Freeman (Rushing) says:

    So you popped into my head tonight and, it was way too late to test the old phone number that I have for you, so I decided to internet stalk instead. Of course I tried Facebook first, which neither you nor Syd seem to have, and then the word “Mouse Clone” popped into my head and voila, here you are! Imagine my surprise to see that you were expecting a baby! That’s great Mark. I’m excited for you two. I hope all of you are doing well.

    • Mouse says:

      hey, you found me and we are doing great. Just adjusting to having a little one at the house now. It isn’t to bad, just very little time for glass blowing, but the time frame will start to get better as things normalize more. Need to get a post up about the kid huh?

  3. Kevin Porter says:

    Yes please post about the baby. If nothing else you can tell us about your experience as being a dad. Plus I love pics of the babies. Trust me when I tell you take loads because before you know it they will be 5 and you’ll have your second on the way.

    • Mouse says:

      the plan is not to wait for 5 years, more around the 1 year mark. I bought a HD video record for the little guy, so I’m going to get plenty of video and images. heck i’m getting better at using a DSLR camera without it being on full auto.