A year!

So I didn’t get to Kevin’s comment on the last post for a few days … weeks after he posted it. To say that I have not looked at, worked on, or noticed the neglect for my blog is an understatement. I’m sure from time to time I said, ‘I should really do something with my blog. I keep paying the $14 every year to renew the damn thing, yet I do nothing with it and it only allows me to keep my email address.’ or something like that.

I did do some cleaning up on the site. I deleted all the spam. I even killed a few categories and post that I no longer wanted. Yes, I just moved the post to the Trash, so if there is something you really need from the trash can please let me know and I will go digging for it.

Glass Blowing: yes, I’m still blowing glass after 3 years. It is a great hobby. It also allows me to meditate while working. So it is a great way to get some work done and reflect on everything else.

Information Technology: yes, I’m still doing that IT thing. job is good, pays well enough to pay my bills.

Personal: Wife is good. We currently have a critter on the way. No, I don’t know what the gender will be, maybe I will get to find out when it is born.

You never know when I will write another post. Check back often or once a year, I might have another post up by then.

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2 Responses to A year!

  1. Gruntled says:

    You will definitely know the gender when you change any of the billion diapers you will have coming your way. Do they make those things compostable? If you have a garden and are able to compost baby shiats, it would be like black gold, yo! Fo’ Free!

  2. Kevin says:

    I love the new look. It is nice and clean, Congrats on the incoming being to your household. Nothing changes you more then a child does. Speaking of that Lauren and I are having our 2nd the end of July. Only I can go ahead and tell you it will be another boy. keep posting even if just to update that you’re alive or pics of the little booger head when it gets here. I do miss the reading of this damn blog.