Man it has been a while

I have not blogged about anything in a few months. I don’t think that many people visit this place on the web that much any more either. It is all good though. Site stays up and information is here for people to get to.

Work is going really well at the new-ish job. I have been here almost a year; so it is really not that new. Glass has been going really well. It has been keeping me busy. I need to focus more, though the full time job still causes me to take more breaks from glass than I would like. I just have to get some down time, and I don’t want glass to feel like a job — though I really kinda is.

I do post a great deal on Twitter. I post a good number of images from my glass on Tumblr. I also have a Facebook that you can add me and I will gladly accept; same thing goes for my G+. The last thing that I have really been working on is my Etsy Shop.

I’m working on getting the shop torn down and a slightly larger shop built in its place. Really I’m looking for double the space, but I do not think that I will get that much without cutting down trees. I’m not really fond of cutting down the trees, so I do not think that will happen.

Sorry not really any great updates. Life has just been churning for me. Not really stagnant but not really moving; far as I can tell. I will be doing another benefit, however, where I will be selling and blowing glass. I believe it will be in downtown Atlanta next month sometime. I will try to post it up here when I get more details.


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  1. Kevin says:

    It is almost a year since this post. How about an update for those of who still check?