No McDonald’s For a Year

I have not had McDonald’s for almost a year. I started some time in January just not eating there any more; mostly do to loosing weight. I’m happy to say that for almost a year now I have not stepped into the place. I have cut almost all fast food out of my diet.

It occurred to me that I might like eating at local, privately own business. The price of McDonald’s is about the cost of a hot meal that is made of real food. I don’t consider McDonald’s really food, mostly because it the amount of processing the food under goes. So for $2 more, I get a really good meal and it is well worth it.

Now that I’m no longer smoking, and I’m no longer putting the processed food that I used to put in my body, I’m starting to feel much healthier. It is good to put good fuel into a working body.

So good-bye McDonald’s. May I never put your poison to my lips again.

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2 Responses to No McDonald’s For a Year

  1. Gruntled says:

    Fillers, pastes, by-products and chemicals. It’s restaurant talk for stems and seeds. I haven’t set foot in a McD’s in years, but you already knew that.

  2. Kevin says:

    If you ever want a great burger at a good price Hand in Hand in the Highlands (not really that far from your office) has a 2 dollar burger deal on Tuesday at lunch. They also have 50% off all menu items on Monday which is the better deal if you want fries with your burger.