Google Plus Fail

I joined Google Plus a while back. I wanted to jump on and test out the service. I really like the service offering as I do with most Google products. Today is a little different. Today I have had a change of heart about offerings from Google and it makes me a little sad and pissed at the same time.

This is what I posted on Google Plus and I also sent it in feedback form.

Dear Google+

I regret to inform you that I will not be changing my name. It is not that I’m trying to hide from you or from the government. I do have a verified account with you all; so you know who I am.

I have been a long supporter of Google and their service offerings. I’m going to boycott Google+. I’m done with your social networking.

Sure I will continue to use your services, just not this one. Yet another social networking sit that I have joined and will be leaving because of stupid bull shit from the people that run it.

I also know that you want people to use their real names because some people hide behind fake names. I’m not one of those.

So to you Google I give a big FUCK YOU GOOGLE+ and say good by. My name is Mark Pipkin bitches. So suck on these fucken nuts. ,,|,,

Boycott on.

So as you can see this has really upset me. I thought that because I had gone though the trouble of verifying my account with Google so long ago that this might not have happened to me. It would appear that it doesn’t matter if you have proved who you are before, they still want your real name up on Google Plus.

I don’t mind giving my name to people that ask for it. It is not like I’m trying to hide from anyone. I am still going to speak my mind no matter what name I fly under. I just don’t want to use my real name online, and I’m not going to. I’m not going to use a service that requires me to do so either.

So piss off Google Plus. I hope it was a good for you as it was for me.

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4 Responses to Google Plus Fail

  1. Kevin says:

    Just wondering why it matters in the 1st place since you clearly are okay using your name on Twitter and Facebook? So why does it matter if another social network site also wants a real name to go with the account? Just wondering why this one bothers you but not the others.

    • Mouse says:

      It matters mostly because I wanted to use my artist name. I do own and &

      They should allow me to build my network and then switch over to a business account when they are ready for them. I do not see why I can’t do that. I have to build a brand and that brand happens to be Mouse Clone. That brand is also me. It is what I do.

      I don’t mind telling anyone my name is Mark Pipkin. I have had it on facebook, I shouldn’t have an account there any more., at least not visible. I understand that nothing is ever deleted. You have been backed up. Rest assured of that.

      Also, on all other Google services I have not needed to put my real name. Then there is the fact that I have verified myself with Google. I did that way before G+ was in beta and I knew about it.

      So if they know who I am with out a shadow of a doubt. I should be able to use any name I wish. They know my birth name. So I’m sure that they have all the other information on me as well.

      I’m not hiding who I am. So I think that it is bull shit.

  2. Kevin says:

    Do they not allow business pages yet? Speaking of that if you are trying to brand yourself you should make a Facebook business page. The “likes” do help a business to grow.

    • Mouse says:

      Facebook has had security issues. I’m done with the site. It is a personal issue. I understand that the crowd follows, I’m just not a crowd type person. I would much rather be part of some other community.

      The biggest thing that I wish G+ had was a mute circle.

      I’m just really done with facebook.