Playing Discgolf

I know, I know, I don’t write on here very much. Life has changed a great deal and I’m enjoying it. I really enjoy the fact that I have better things to do besides sitting on a computer 24×7.

I stated playing discgolf after a friend of mine got me involved. My first time out I really only played with 2 disc and then I bought 3. I had such a great time hanging out with friends and getting exercise, that I figured it would be worth the investment into disc.

If you like golf, but don’t like the fact that it is a very proper sport then you will really like this sport. Instead of saying, “That was a good shot Jim.” You can say things like, “Fuck yeah man. That was a sick ass shot!” or “That was just a nasty shot. How the fuck do you do that?” and then give some high fives and shit. You don’t have to be a smug prick about the game.

So I thought that I would toss up some pics of me playing discgolf. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Playing Discgolf

  1. MoonDog says:

    Your friend sounds like a really great guy! Getting your ass out of the computer chair and onto the nobel feilds and woods of Disc-golfery! Personaly I’ve found the small monitary investment and the royaly addictive gameplay offers one a level of self improovement and room for growth!
    The more that I play the sport, the more I want to play. Being able to take my shirt off and thrive on the beautiful natural elements involved in the trecks of gameplay makes it all worth it!

    • Mouse says:

      Yeah, my friend is an ass though. He keeps building me up tearing me down.. and then just pointing and laughing at me. hahaha