3 Times Around the Sun

I sit here wanting to write about my son and his 3rd trip around The Sun. I just can’t seem to do it. I do not have compelling things to say about him? Do I wish to keep him as anonymous as I can? After all I don’t use Facebook because they want you to use your personal information with them. I would like to note that my son is now 3 years of age and he is doing well. I ponder ‘What will children of today have to say about being blasted over the internet by their parents’

techie stuff

Windows 10 running on Mac Mini (late 2012) without BootCamp

Apple doesn’t make it easy! The biggest pain? Drivers. You already knew that though. I installed Windows 10 to the mini and didn’t think much about drivers; wasn’t sure I was going to keep the OS on the, still not. Once I it was up and running I still wanted to be able to give it a good test drive – need to see what my best options for Steam is. I digress, lets get to the substance. After you have installed Windows 10 you will need to get the hardware working that isn’t. For me it was the


Car Payment, Done!

My family is entering the new year with a little bit more freedom. If it isn’t obvious from the headline, We paid off our car note. Now we don’t got one, see. It is AWESOME! The car is a 2012 Mazda 3 base model. No fancy wheels or spoiler to speak of, fact I didn’t want the power windows should tell you something about my taste. The car was financed for 5 years (I believe) and was paid off almost 2 years early. See the wife has been doing the family an outstanding favor and job of getting us


Facebook is gone :'(

Months ago I deleted my Facebook account. It wasn’t a snap decision; more of a gradual one. After deleting the account I stopped being as anxious as I had been. Felt great not to feel like I needed to check the Facebooks 10000’s times a day. In talking with a friend, I felt convinced that a Facebook page with help with sales. So off I go to create another Facebook account – cause you need one to manage a page. After a few months I get a notice when I log into Facebook that it looks like I’m using

scripts / techie stuff

JS R.P.S. game

I was playing around on and learning some JS. One of the projects was to create a paper rock scissors game. At the end there were a few challenges. Once of which was to get error correct the user if they didn’t enter in ‘rock’ ‘paper’ ‘scissors’. Then also the challenge of breaking a tie. This is what I came up with. I wrapped it in a conformation box, so that it will not force you to play when the page loads and changed the results from console to an alert box.

scripts / techie stuff

ADSync Deny Group Comparison Script

ADSync is used to sync Active Directory (AD) information from one domain to another, it is an asynchronous transfer. From time to time clients have had issues with users not being able to sync their passwords to the remote AD. This script will check the ADSync config for the deny groups and the user’s member groups. You should be able to do a visual comparison to check if a user is a member of a deny group.


Scrapped Drupal8

If you visited this blog over they past couple of weeks you may have noticed that I switched it over to Drupal. Drupal8 was due to release at the time, and I ran the beta until the GA release. After installing the GA release of Drupal8 I still wasn’t satisfied with the options I had available to me. I think that Drupal7 would have been a better choice, at least until Drupal8 has some time to mature and modules to catch-up with the release. So I’m back on WordPress. Going to start fresh, just like I was planning on